Basic knowledge of projection screen

Today, many brands available in the market projection screen, dazzling variety of imported brands, domestic brands quite a mixed bag

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Different fabric for projection screens.

Many different fabric is used in projection screens,here are some common-used fabrics:matte white,hd fabric,glass beaded,matte gray,fiber glass,pvc etc.

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Intelligent electric projection screens with rs485 12v ir trigger etc

Intelligent electric projection screens is equipped with RS485,RS232,12v IR trigger and emergency switch,can connect with center control and pc, It is using the silent tubular motor,beautiful aluminum alloy casing and HD fabric,can do the different types

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Tripods for tripod projection screens

Tripod projection screen is one of the portable projection screens,there are some kinds of tripods used in this screen,the most popualr are L-type,B-Type and E-type.

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electric projection screen outer casing

Cynthia electric screen including classic electric screen,aluminum casing screen,tab tension screen,intelligent screen,ceiling recessed screen , electronic limits electric screen...widely used in various occasions...

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