Ambient light rejecting screens

Optics fabric - Rigid base material optics screen.Superior ambient light rejection.Contrast enhancement;

Great Image - Greatly improves the display quality of the image in the bright environment.Image color reproduction is more real,verisimilitude and gorgeous.Image contrast between light and shade, rich layers;

Suitable for 4K Image - Special fine optical coatings can most suitable for the 4K images;

Narrow frame - Black surface adds just 1cm metal frame,it can show the quality like the oil painting with ordinary household projector,just like a big flat television;

Back light to be choose - Built-in 2.4G remote control colorfull LED,can adjust the backlight,manifest luxury;



Format Size Viewing size Fabric Wide Height Packaging size Frame width
W*H(mm) Metal rigid surface Resist light rigid surface Optic soft fabric W(mm) H(mm) mm mm
16:9 84" 1850*1035 * * * 1870 1055 1950*1100*80 10mm
98" 2160*1210 * * * 2180 1230 2280*1300*80
120" 2645*1485 * * * 2665 1505 2755*1600*80

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