Ultrathin box type electric projector lift

Intelligent liftIntelligent remote control electronic positioning system,it is easy to set the projector lift position by one key;

Box design - The box type design,can be installed easily and suitable for different occasions;

Ultrathin structure - Ultrathin structure,just need 30cm space to install;

Three sides cross scissor - Aluminum alloy on three sides cross direction to ensure its running more smoothly;

Beautiful aluminum alloy decorative box - Aluminum alloy panel decorative box,Ceiling Festering and need not handle the second time.



Model CEL1000B CEL1500B CEL2000B
Size: 480mm*480mm*350mm 480mm*480mm*400mm 480mm*480mm*450mm
Thickness(Closed): 350mm 400mm 450mm
Size of decorative board:




Size of hole position on fixed board:  450mmx450mm 450mmx450mm 450mm*450
Maximum running distance: 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm
Controller: RF remote controlIR is optional) RF remote controlIR is optional) RF remote controlIR is optional)
Motor: Synchronous/Tubular motor Synchronous/Tubular motor Synchronous/Tubular motor
Load(kg) 15KG 15KG 15KG
Rated voltage(V)   customization customization customization
Package size: 570mm*570mm*475mm 570mm*570mm*535mm 570mm*570mm*600mm
Net weight: 21KG 22KG 23KG
Gross weight: 23KG 24KG 25KG

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